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22kV XLPE Power Cable Technical Requirements

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The cable conductor shall be made from high conductivity stranded High Density aluminum to form compacted circular shaped conductor having resistance within limits specified in IS: 8130/1984 and any latest amendment to it.
The conductor having semi-conducing screen shall ensure perfectly smooth profile & avoid concentration of stress. The conductor screen shall be extruded in the same operation as the insulation. The semi-conducting polymer shall be cross linked.
The XLPE insulation shall be suitable for 22 KV system voltage and should be manufactured with Dry/Gas curing process. The bidder shall submit the description of Dry/Gas curing process, with the clear inclusion of equipments / parameters involved. The manufacturing process shall ensure that the insulation shall be free of voids. The insulation shall withstand mechanical and thermal stress under steady state and transient operating conditions. The extrusion method should give very smooth interface between semi-conducting screen and insulation. The insulation of the cable shall be of high standard quality generally conforming to IS: 7098 (Part – II) – 1985 and any latest amendment to it. 
Non-metallic semi-conducting shield shall be provided over the insulation to confine electrical field to the insulation. The insulation shield shall be extruded in the same operation as the conductor shield and the insulation by suitable extrusion process. The XLPE insulation shield shall be of tended type. The copper metallic overlapped tape shield shall be provided.
The sheath shall be suitable to withstand the site conditions and the desired temperature. It shall be of consistent quality and free from all defects. The PVC sheath shall be extruded. The material of fillers and inner-sheath shall be compatible with the temperature ratings of the cable and shall have no deleterious effect on any other component of the cable. Central filler shall also, be provided with other peripheral fillers to have proper circular section.
Armouring of galvanized steel strip shall be provided. The dimensions of steel strips shall be as per latest edition of IS: 3975 – 1979.
Extruded type ST-2 PVC outer-sheath, conforming to IS: 5831-(1984) (latest edition) over armouring with suitable additives (to prevent attack by rodents & termites), shall be provided.
8.1 The cable shall have suitable fillers laid up with insulation cores to have subsequently circular cross-section before the inner sheath is applied. The fillers shall be suitable for operating temperature of the cable.
8.2 All materials used in manufacturing of cable shall be new, unused and of finest quality. All materials should comply with the requirements / tests as per applicable IS / IEC specification, Indian Electricity Rules and any other statutory provision of rules & regulations.
8.3 The PVC material used in the manufacture of cable shall be of reputed manufacturer. No use of recycled PVC is permitted. The purchaser reserves the right to ask for documentary evidence of the purchase of  DGVCL/SP/8020/22KV XLPE Cable /Tech .Spec. & GTP 4 /13 various materials, (to be used for the manufacture of cable) as per checking of quality control. Quality Assurance plans shall be submitted.

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